Not the usual ER duty day… Singing and guitar time

I’ve been sitting here in our emergency room and since this morning we had only 3 patients and two of them came here for minor surgery at least 3 stitches each patient ( sebaceous cyst removal).
For now we are waiting for patient and while waiting one of our nurses who knows how to play guitar and sing is singing…


Medical personnel knows how to entertain themselves while there is no patient yet…


Open for suggestion


I have someone in our workmates who is an intern. I wanted to approach her and know her better but the thing is I don’t know how to approach her in a way that will not make her feel that I’m using my position and in return will make her feel intimidated. She’s an intern for a month in our hospital and I’m her superior… Wanted to ask suggestion on what to do…

My 2nd week as a patient in Physical Therapy Rehab

It’s been like 12 yrs as far as I can remember when I had a basketball injury that affects my knee. I was not able to walk properly for almost 1 month and no physical therapy done. After 12 yrs of waiting and building some courage to face my fear of knowing that I have problems in my knee, I decided and gather some strength to go to rehab.
My first week in rehab clinic I was ask to do some biking for 30 minutes for conditioning and later today I will be there for the second phase of my rehab that is knee strengthening. I’m happy knowing that in time I can run again but at the same time feeling uncomfortable knowing that knee strengthening is a little bit stressful and painful for me. Hoping that I can recover…

Life’s distraction … To review or not to review… How to prepare for medical board exam


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Medical board exam here in Philippines is fast approaching. I’ve been studying and preparing myself for this great endeavor and for me to fulfill my life dream of becoming a doctor. As days goes by my family especially my Father and brother are doubting if I can really make it. According to them I’m not doing anything like I’m not studying and preparing myself for the licensure examination… How can they see me study if I’m studying in hospital during my free time and also I’m waking up late at night while they are sleeping. I don’t want to study or read books in front of them just to show them that I’m reading. I want to study during the time that I know my brain can grasp all that I’m reading if not most of the things that I’m reading and that is during night time when I feel like I’m all alone with my books. This frustrates me when they keep on saying I’m not doing anything. All I want is for them to support me and not to pressure me. I have shown them already during the time that I’m still a student in medicine that I can do stuff like studying and passing the way that I’m comfortable. But as board exam is coming they are imposing or telling me how to study the way they want to study. I’m not them and they are not me. Hope I can do this the way I want it to be and eventually pass the board exam…

Life in Out Patient Department

Our Schedule in Out Patient Department here in Hospital, Monday Wednesday and Friday is 8-11:30 am and 1:30-4:00pm… Tuesday and Thursday is 8:00-11:30 am.

We usually encounter patient that can be given home medication. And for this month most of our patient came in due to Upper Respiratory Tract infection and some of the soldiers come here for their General Physical Exam.

We cater soldiers and their dependents, and some also come here from our nearby community


Workmates in Action